Ocean Adventurer 3 - the next Chapter

In 2016, Ocean Adventurer will embark on a 5 year tour on the next expedition yacht aiming to freedive, surf, kite and explore some of the most incredible destinations the world has to offer.

Kicking off with Mozambique, Madagascar, Seychelles and the Maldives the aim is to get close and personal with all the incredible wildlife of the Indian Ocean, find waves to surf in very remote places. Off the beaten track is where we like to go most. 

 Our driving passion is exploring, and having a grand adventure. Furthering our environmental and conservational initiatives with the program.

 Watch this space for developments. Anyone wanting to get involved in this Odyssey, whether its be a shareholder in the yacht and have the benefit of usage over 5 years, or be a charter guest on the many adventures - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Cleaner Beaches Initiative - Cape Town


Turtles don't drink through straws. Seals don't carry shopping in shopping bags and penguins don't have balloons at their birthday parties. Humans do. Yet the ones most affected by the waste we generate in our daily lives are these animals.

Things that we will only expect to be found in our trashcans can now be found in abundance on the otherwise beautiful beaches of South Africa and pose a daily threat to the wildlife living around our coastline.  Unfortunately everything we use to make our daily lives easier ; plastic bags, plastic bottles; crates is making the lives of the amazing creatures in our ocean much harder.

This waste will not decompose and the animals can not get rid of it themselves. The only way that the plastic bags will be taken off our beaches and out of the ocean if is we do it. Help turn our breathtaking coastline back into a paradise for both animals and humans.

Join the Cleaner Beaches Initiative Cape Town by:

  1. Liking our Facebook page
  2. Uploading pics of you collecting trash on our beaches
  3. Sharing your post with friends.

Your photos can win you a free marine game drive on board the Ocean Adventurer.
From 12th September - 15 November 2015.  

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