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Marine Eco Tour

Come discover the wonders of the marine life off our shores. Ocean Adventurer, in partnership with the Two Oceans Aquarium, is now offering a boat based Marine Eco tour from the V&A Waterfront, focusing on the rich biodiversity found in our waters.

We are fortunate to have one of the most prolific upwelling systems off our coastline, creating an abundance of wildlife. In Table bay, you can witness a great example of this unique ecosystem.

The guides will begin each tour with an explanation of our upwelling system, the phytoplankton blooms, its importance in the marine life it supports. We aim to seek out examples of each facet of the Eco system visible offshore, providing commentary and information on what is encountered. With an small onboard microscope, we can display images of a multitude of organisms and samples on the two TV screens. Birds, seals, penguins are sighted daily, and Dolphins, whales, sunfish spotted regularly.
The new vessel, is an adapted high performance sailing catamaran hull, chosen for it's super efficient design. This allows for minimum propulsion required to operate the boat, making it very fuel efficient and environmentally friendly - an approximate 70% fuel saving from traditional charter boats.
Through education, and creating appreciation of the marine environment, we strive to encourage marine conservation.
We are fascinated with our marine environment, we hope to share some of the magic with you.

Children and School group tours

We have developed educational marine eco tours, aimed at school groups and children. The funfilled tour will introduce the students to the Marine environment, the ecosystems found off our coastline, and give them an interactive experience.

Please contact us to arrange a tour to suit your group.


At the southern tip of Africa, we are fortunate to be based in close proxiity to the Southern Ocean. Within reaach of our harbour, we can take you to the Pelagic zone, where there is an abundance of Bird species. Albatross, Petrels, terns are but a few of the species regulalry encountered.

Please contact us to get more information on this extraordinaty encounter.

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