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In November 2009, the Ocean Adventurer was chartered by the Cipla Miles for Smiles foundation to be the official support vessel in the Madagascar Challenge. This was an epic undertaking as the Ocean Adventurer followed extreme athlete and humanitarian David Grier in his quest to be the first person in living history to paddle across the Mozambique channel and then run the length of Madagascar on foot. This was not only a personal challenge but also a challenge to make a difference as David set out to raise funding and awareness of children afflicted with facial deformity.

The arduous 550km crossing too 11 Days of paddling through intense heat and tropical storms and David finally made landfall at Cap St Andre; the western most point of Madagascar. Says David; "I could never have done this journey without the dedicated support of the Ocean Adventurer and her crew."

David followed by followed by documentary producer and cameraman Nick Heygate; went on to successfully complete the rest of the Madagascar Challenge. David returned back to South Africa in April 2010 triumphant; but having endured immense physical strain.

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Diving Bassas

The Ocean Adventurer team undertake regular seasonal charters to go explore the wonders of Bassas da India. An extraordinary sea mount located in the middle of the Mozambique channel. This remote reef boasts some of the best diving this planet can offer. These were some of the pictures from our last adventure.

Free Diving the Sardine Run

Free diving with the greatest shoal on earth has to rank as one of the wildest experiences out there. Being part of this unique spectacle will make you truly realise the wonders of our ocean and how we must nurture our seas and their species. We were incredibly lucky during the 2008 Sardine Run to have free dived with numerous species of sharks, dolphins and whales ... and of course the sardines!

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