Our adventures take us to far flung corners of the globe, giving us access to incredible sailing destinations. Mainly warm temparate climates, with trade winds and Azure seas.

Diving & Freediving

Our destinations are pristine tropical areas, with excellent Freediving and SCUBA options at prime dive locations to interact with the Marine Wildlife or to explore the areas reef systems.


We have acess to some of the World’s best Flyfishing detsinations, and are always in areas with abundant pelagic fish. We have a one for the pot, therafter catch and release ethos. Protect the envirnment we love.


Our surfing goals are to surf the best waves on the planet.  In any area we will explore the legendary surf spots, and seek to find the lessor known. We have the luxury of being able to move away from the crowds and find hidden gems.


Driven by our desire for incredible Ocean Adventures to far-flung corners of the Globe, we have now become Expedition Specialists. In recent years we have worked with National Geographic, BBC, Moving Sushi, Ocean Adventurer TV, Mad Swim, OA Global Surfari to name but a few of the expeditions and adventures.

We can use our knowledge base to source the perfect Expedition Yacht for your needs, whether to purchase or charter. You can rely on our expertise to support you through your project, from start to completion.

We are currently operating OA3 – on year 3 of 5 year Surf Exploration program through the Indian Ocean. This program is an initiative by OA to surf, freedive, and fish the best the Indian Ocean has to offer over a 5 year period. a Practical hybrid shared ownership model was created, and likeminded adventurers jumped onboard for the adventure.


“We travelled with OA2 from January 2013 till April 2013 along the East Coast of Africa, covering South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya. The East African Marine Transect made full and extensive use of the vessel to dive over 250 underwater transects, collecting data. The data will be used in a wide range from education purposes, high schools, universities, through to NGO, and governments and MPA managers. The users are essentially unlimited. The value is in the exposure that is across platforms, from scientific to social media and all in between. Value is in the data that can be used by lots of different people.

In East Africa there is a lack of large-scale data on marine ecosystems, specifically ecological and assemblage data such as numbers of fish, numbers of species, their length and weight. Simple stuff really but these are the basic ingredients of our understanding of how these communities function and respond to change. By choosing to support the East African Marine Transect team, OA2 and its crew helped contribute to the creation of one of the first large scale data sets along the East African coastline, a mammoth task, but one that was completed with professionalism and efficiency. We could not have done this on any other vessel”

–Linda and Mike Markovina – Directors Moving Sushi


The primary goal of the OA3 Surf exploration program is to surf some of the best waves the Indian Ocean and Pacific have to offer. To date, we have explored the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Northern Indonesia extensively.

In 2020 the boat will explore southern Indonesia, and thereafter head for the Western Pacific.

The best part of exploring off the beatebn track is low crowds, the excitement of surfing a new location and sharing it with friends. The downside is you never certain what you will find, but that’s what makes for great adventures!

Tell us you exploartion or expeditions plans. Once we have a clear undestanding of your brief we can advise accordingly. The right Expedition plan, Vessels, Crew and Support team for you.